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VRWC Results - Summer Season 2018/2019


The Summer Season occurs between October and March and coincides with the long hot Australian summer. The emphasis in on track walking and most races are over the shorter track distances. There is also a strong walking presence in the 'Interclub' Track Competition with all Athletics Teams fielding walkers in their regular competitions.

For this reason, VRWC only holds a small number of events during this period.


Our VRWC Summer Season roadwalking championships were held at Middle Park last Sunday, with 26 competitors competing in a typically warm and sunny Melbourne morning. We welcomed Kim Mottrom from South Australia and Erika Woodward from Queensland and both walked well. Kim fought out the Gus Theobold Trophy with Rhydian Cowley, going down 1:35:19 to 1:35:00, while Erika won the Heather Carr Trophy over 10km. No PBs for the day, perhaps a reflection of the warmer weather, mixed with the fact that nearly all the competitors had walked the day before in Athletics Victoria Shield competition. Well done to those who medalled in our club championships.

VRWC 20km Championship Men - Gus Theobold Trophy                    
1.  Rhydian Cowley      M      47:52    1:35:00
2.  Kim Mottrom         M      47:29    1:35:19
3.  Pramesh Prasad      M      51:57    1:51:29
    Adam Garganis       M      52:49    DNF
VRWC Open 20km            
1.  Michelle Thompson   F    1:03:50    2:10:11
2.  Madeleine Feain     F    1:04:16    2:10:22

VRWC 10km Championship Masters Women - Heather Carr Trophy            
1.  Erika Woodward      F    1:02:58
2.  Donna-Marie Elms    F    1:08:24
3.  Karyn O'Neill       F    1:09:47
VRWC Open 10km            
1.  Corey Dickson       M      50:38
2.  Philippa Huse       F      52:22
3.  Jemma Peart         F      57:05
4.  Charlotte Hay       F      59:35
5.  David Smyth         M    1:01:48
6.  Claire Samanna      F    1:03:06
7.  Terry O'Neill       M    1:06:46
    Mark Donahoo        M        DNF
VRWC 5km Championship U20            
1.  Alanna Peart        F      24:40
1.  Heath Beveridge     M      27:44
VRWC Open 5km            
1.  Simon Evans         M      28:59
2.  Ralph Bennett       M      31:55
3.  Russ Dickenson      M      37:07
VRWC 3km Championship U15            
1.  Emily Smith         F      18:22
1.  Marcus Wakim        M      17:40
VRWC Open 3km            
1.  Pam Mews            F      33:22
VRWC 1.5km Championship U9            
1.  Ela Uzun            F      10:08
2.  Havana Ali          F      10:45

Thanks as always to our judges, officials and helpers. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Officials: Ralph Bennett, Mark Donahoo, Tim Erickson, Bill Carr, Heather Carr, Adam Garganis, Kevin Cassidy
Setup: Stuart Cooper, Shane Dickson, Donna Dickson, Tim Erickson, Peter Vysma, Wayne Peart
Judges: Peter Vysma (chief), Gordon Loughnan, Stuart Cooper, Terry O'Neill, Shane Dickson
Canteen: Wendy Cooper, Donna-Marie Elms
Photos: Donna Dickson
Lapsplits: http://vrwc.org.au/wp1/race-splits-laps/


Many of the Victorian walkers who were in action in the Athletics Victoria Shield competition on Saturday afternoon were back in action at Middle Park on Sunday morning for the next round of the VRWC Summer Season. Conditions were good, with sunny weather and temperatures in low twenties. 22 walkers in total participated. Unfortunately, I could not be there as I was away in the country so thanks to club president Stuart Cooper for collating and forwarding the results to me.

Best effort by Corey Dickson (5km 24:09), and well done to Madeleine Feain and Havana Ali on their PBs. It was also good to see Philippa Huse chipping away at her 10km times (51:58) as she regains fitness as her study year comes to an end.  Finally, we also welcomed Tasmanian walker David Moore who did the 5km walk.

20km Walk         
1.  Madeleine Feain        Open    2:15:11.0    PB 0:17
1.  Rhydian Cowley         Open    1:38:15.8
2.  Quentin Rew            Open    1:38:16.0
3.  Kyle Swan              Open    1:39:33.8
4.  Pramesh Prasad         40-59   1:46:58.8
10km Walk
1.  Philippa Huse          Open      51:58.3
2.  Kylie Irshad           40-59   1:04:31.4
3.  Donna-Marie Elms       40-59   1:09:13.3
4.  Karyn O'Neill          60+     1:10:35.9

5km Walk    
1.  Corey Dickson          Open      24:09.7
2.  Heath Beveridge        Open      26:43.8
3.  Ralph Bennett          60+       31:35.1
4.  David Moore (TRWC)     60+       39:35.4

3km Walk         
1.  Sandra Howorth         40-59     22:34.9
2.  Pam Mews               60+       34:03.2
1.  Kevin Cassidy          40-59     16:06.7
2.  Marcus Wakim           U14       17:11.2
3.  Simon Evans            40-59     17:31.1
4.  Anthony Doran          60+       21:56.7

2km Walk        
1.  Ela Uzun               U10       13:37.6
2.  Havana Ali             U10       15:30.2    PB 0:15
1.  Aiden Smith            U12       14:46.8

Thanks as always to our judges, officials and helpers. Apologies if I have missed anyone.

Officials: Ralph Bennett, Terry Swan, Bill Carr, Heather Carr
Judges: Stuart Cooper, Shane Dickson, Gordon Loughnan, Terry O'Neill, Russ Dickenson
Canteen: Donna-Marie Elms
Photos: Terry Swan (see http://www.vrwc.org.au/piwigo/index.php?/category/520)
Lapsplits: (http://vrwc.org.au/wp1/race-splits-laps/)


We had a good turnout of 24 walkers on Wednesday evening for our first VRWC 2018/2019 Summer Season meet at the Dolamore Athletics Track in Mentone. Conditions were just about perfect – cool, overcast and a slight breeze. Quentin Rew led the way in our 10,000m walk, winning with a swift 44:49, not a bad effort considering he had walked the Melbourne Marathon 3 days previously.  Albin Hess (1:12:22) and Karyn O’Neill (20:16) had also completed the walk in the full Melbourne Marathon so they did well to back up so quickly for further punishment! Megan Szirom (24:56) and Kyle Bird (14:32) were easy winners in the 5000m/3000m walks. It was good to welcome Kevin Cassidy back after a long health related outage – Kevin walked a good 16:30 for the 3000m. The 1500m saw a number of our youngsters in action, ably led by Emily Smith who zoomed around in 8:22. We also welcomed first time Marnie Grace who recorded 10:39. Welcome Marnie!

And well done to 8 year old Addison Paulke who set a new VRWC U9 1500m track walk (girls) club record with her time of 10:30.

10,000m Walk               
1.  Quentin Rew         M       44:49
2.  Pramesh Prasad      M       50:04
3.  Albin Hess          M     1:12:22
5000m Walk               
1.  Megan Szirom        F       24:56
2.  Ralph Bennett       M       30:30
3.  Kylie Irshad        F       31:27
3000m Walk               
1.  Kyle Bird           M       14:32
2.  Kevin Cassidy       M       16:30
3.  David Smyth         M       16:54
4.  Simon Evans         M       17:04
5.  Cassie Knight       F       17:22
6.  Julian Boland       M       18:49
7.  Rupert Van Dongen   M       18:58
8.  Alannah Dingli      F       19:35
9.  Isabella Dingli     F       19:37    PB 0:03
10. Karyn O'Neill       F       20:16
11. Sandra Howorth      F       23:20
       Gwen Steed       F         DNF
1500m Walk               
1.  Emily Smith         F       08:22    PB
2.  Alannah  Upson      F       08:53    PB 0:01
3.  Addison Paulke      F       10:30
4.  Aiden Smith         M       10:36
5.  Marnie Grace        F       10:39    First walk with us
6.  Pam Mews            F       19:16

Thanks as always to our officials and judges. Apologies for anyone I have missed.

Officials: Tim Erickson, Heather Carr, Bill Carr, Terry O'Neill
Judges: Shane Dickson (Chief), Stuart Cooper, Brenda Felton, Dave Cash, Michael Bodey
Photos: Terry Swan (see http://www.vrwc.org.au/piwigo/index.php?/category/519)