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50km Women Records and Rankings


With the women's 50km finally gaining international status as of August 2015, national and area championships are now being held, records have been instituted and major championship meets are including the event.

Thanks to Paul DeMeester for his ongoing efforts in capturing yearly ranking lists for both male and female 50km walks

2016-7 50km Ranking Lists.pdf
2017 Women 50km Performance List.pdf
2018 50km Ranking Lists.pdf

2019 Doha World Champs 50km Qualifying Lists.pdf

Thanks to Emmanuel Tardi for his women's 50km French All-Time listing

50km Women French all-time ranking as of 25.03.2018.pdf

The current 50km world records, as per https://www.worldathletics.org/records/by-category/world-records, are

WORLD        50,000m Track Walk  3:35:27.2  Yohann DINIZ           01 JAN 1978  FRA   Reims           12 MAR 2011
WORLD        50km Road Walk      3:32:33    Yohann DINIZ           01 JAN 1978  FRA   Zürich          15 AUG 2014

WORLD        50 Km Road Walk     4:04:36    Rui LIANG              18 JUN 1994  CHN   Taicang         05 MAY 2018

The Area Records are also freely available. For instance, see the Oceania record at https://www.worldathletics.org/records/by-category/oceanian-records. As of Sept 2018, the various area records read as follows

AFRICA       50,000m Track Walk  4:21:44.5  Abdelouaheb FERGUČNE    18 NOV 1958  ALG   Toulouse       25 MAR 1984
AFRICA       50km Road Walk      3:54:12    Marc MUNDELL            07 JUL 1983  RSA   Melbourne      13 DEC 2015
AFRICA       50km Road Walk      4:48:00    Natalie LE ROUX         10 JUN 1982  RSA   Taicang        05 MAY 2018

ASIA         50,000m Track Walk  3:48:13.7  Yongsheng ZHAO          16 APR 1970  CHN   Bergen         07 MAY 1994
ASIA         50km Road Walk      3:36:06    Chaohong YU             03 NOV 1975  CHN   Nanjing        22 OCT 2005
ASIA         50km Road Walk      4:04:36    Rui LIANG               18 JUN 1994  CHN   Taicang        05 MAY 2018

EUROPE       50,000m Track Walk  3:35:27.2  Yohann DINIZ            01 JAN 1978  FRA   Reims          12 MAR 2011
EUROPE       50km Road Walk      3:32:33    Yohann DINIZ            01 JAN 1978  FRA   Zürich         15 AUG 2014
EUROPE       50km Road Walk      4:05:56    Inęs HENRIQUES          01 MAY 1980  POR   London         13 AUG 2017

NCA&C        50,000m Track Walk  3:41:38.4  Raul GONZÁLEZ           29 FEB 1952  MEX   Bergen         25 MAY 1979
NCA&C        50km Road Walk      3:41:09    Érick Bernabé BARRONDO  14 JUN 1991  GUA   Dudince        23 MAR 2013
NCA&C        50km Road Walk      4:15:42    Mayra Carolina HERRERA  20 DEC 1988  GUA   Owego, NY      09 SEP 2017

OCEANIA      50,000m Track Walk  3:43:50.0  Simon BAKER              6 FEB 1958  AUS   Melbourne      09 SEP 1990
OCEANIA      50km Road Walk      3:35:47    Nathan DEAKES           17 AUG 1977  AUS   Geelong        02 DEC 2006
OCEANIA      50km Road Walk      4:09:33    Claire TALLENT          06 JUL 1981  AUS   Taicang        05 MAY 2018

STH AMERICA  50,000m Track Walk  3:57:58.0  Cláudio DOS SANTOS      16 OCT 1977  BRA   Blumenau       20 SEP 2008
STH AMERICA  50km Road Walk      3:42:57    Andrés CHOCHO           04 NOV 1983  ECU   Ciudad Juárez  06 MAR 2016
STH AMERICA  50km Road Walk      4:12:56    Paola Viviana PÉREZ     21 DEC 1989 ECU    Taicang        05 MAY 2018

The World Masters have now added the women's 50km to their list of records.
To see the latest WMA men's and women's listings, check out https://world-masters-athletics.com/championships/non-stadia/

As of September 2018, the WMA record lists read as follows

50km Race Walk Men
M35   3:32:33   Yohann Diniz          FRA   36
  15/08/14   Zurich, SWI
M40   3:49:06   José Marin            ESP   40
  29/03/92  Badalona, ESP
M45   3:46:43   Jesús Garcia          ESP   45
  15/08/15   Beijing, CHN
M50   4:14:37   Gerhard Weidner       GER   50
  28/08/83   Letter, GER
M55   4:23:34   Granziano Morotti     ITA   55
  11/02/07  Rosignano Solvay, ITA
M60   4:23:16   Andrew Jamieson       AUS   62
   14/12/08   Melbourne, AUS
M65   5:11:22   Leon Jasionowski      USA   65
  07/02/10   Surprise, USA
M70   5:15:40   Arthur Thomson        GBR   71
  17/06/07   Dublin, IRL
M75   5:19:34   James Grimwade        GBR   75
  01/08/87   Brighton, GBR
M80   6:41:31   Bauke te Nijenhuis    NED   80
  14/05/16   Schiedam, NED
M85   8:12:30   Koos Van Rijn         NED   86
  07/06/14   Schiedam, NED

50km Race Walk Women
W35   4:29:33   Erin Taylor-Talcott   USA   38   28/01/17   Santee, USA
W40   4:42:34   Susan Randall         USA   40   14/12/14   Santee, USA
W45   4:56:27   Sandra Brown          GBR   45   13/09/94   Basildon, GBR
W50   5:10:52   Teresa Vail           USA   54   28/01/17   Santee, USA
W55   5:45:08   Elizabeth Feldman     AUS   56   24/10/04   Albert Park, AUS
W60   5:29:04   Sandra Brown          GBR   64   27/07/13   Coventry, GBR
W65   6:26:44   Darlene Backlund      USA   65   12/09/10   Ocean Twnsp, USA
W70   6:50:24   Darlene Backlund      USA   71   28/01/17   Santee, USA

Other links of interest are

Male Masters 50km roadwalk ranking lists for all age groups from M35 to M75. Very comprehensive!
Alas, nothing in place for women yet but hopefully that will change as the women's 50km gains traction internationally.

British Age Group records, including 50km road for both men and women.


Australian Masters 50km Best On Record peformances for each age group, male and female.

European Athletics all-time lists, yearly ranking lists and records for all events, including men's and women's 50km roadwalk

World Athletics Rankings website

2018 World Athletics Ranking - 50km Men   

2018 World Athletics Ranking - 50km Women   

How the World Athletics Scoring System works for racewalking

List of Qualifying Race Walk Competitions in 2019/2020
See download link at the bottom of website page https://www.worldathletics.org/records/certified-roadevents

And what better way to celebrate the 50km walk than with a poem. This beauty was wrttten by Ernie Sharp and published in the Ontario Track Monthly of November 1967 (thanks to Glennis McPherson for passing it on).


The walker’s life is one of strife
His fate is filled with woe
He must not bound and leave the ground
He has to heel and toe.
The leg’s thrust back is quite a knack
The judges wish to see
At rapid pace he snaps it straight
And locks well back the knee.

You’ll hear of pain – of stress and strain
When athletes chance to meet
Of marathons by hardy sons
In blazing humid heat.
But here’s a race that’s hard to face
Of which I’d like to talk
A lengthy grind that Hell designed
The 50 Kilo walk.

‘Neath leaden skies to earn a prize
We strode off on our way
With heavy clouds like gloomy shrouds
Surrounding us all day.
Again we heard the warning word
Before they let us go
“Walk fairly please and lock your knees
You have to heel and toe”.

My hopes were high. The miles went by
The leaders flew ahead
Then thunder rolled, my heart went cold
My optimism fled.
The pace was fast, I hoped I’d last
I fought a western breeze
And heeled and toed along the road.
With care I locked my knees.

The gloomy shrouds of blackened clouds
Released their heavy load.
With might and main, through driving rain
Determinedly I strode
And splashed with force along the course
So wet, I seemed to freeze
While judges spy with eagle eye
To see I locked my knees.

As spirits dropped, the downpour stopped
My hopes rose as before
The gloom was gone. I pounded on
But fate had more in store
For down came hail as sharp as nail
That stung like angry bees
But no-one cared, for judges stared
To see I locked my knees.

My strength was low, my legs were slow
I drove them on and on
Through wind and rain, through stabbing pain
Until my strength was gone.
The finish came, completely lame
I felt my muscles seize.
A judge’s word I faintly heard
“Good man! You locked your knees.”

Let me know of any further links of interest to the 50km walk community.