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Tim's Unofficial Australian Racewalk Ranking Lists


Athletics Australia maintains ranking lists for the major racewalking distances.

3000m track, 5000m track, 10km, 20km, 30km, 35km and 50km 
3000m track, 5000m track, 10km, 20km, 30km, 35km and 50km

but these are rather restrictive in nature and do not necessarily recognise all performances. I have taken the base AA ranking lists as a starting point and now work in parallel with my own unofficial ranking lists. These differ from the official AA lists in a couple of ways

- I have extra performances from events like Racewalking Australia races that may have slipped through the AA net
- I accept splits in major races (eg a 10km split from an Olympic 20km, etc) provided they are officially published.

These lists may be reviewed here


If you wish to nominate a performance that is currently not acknowledged in the ranking lists, then send me the following details

  • Date, venue and type of event
  • Place in race and race time
  • Independent verification (eg website with results, etc).

If the result can be independantly verified and if the race meets the rigorous standards required for inclusion, it will be considered.

Tim Erickson
Last Updated: 13 February 2023