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Many of my articles see the light of day only once in a particular issue of one of my newsletters. Here are some that I thought might deserve an ongoing place in the public arena.

Rules of Racewalking
Long distance walking relay attempts in Australia
The All Rounders - the various attempts to win all the Vic titles in one year
Crossing to the Dark side
1992 Australian Olympic Trials and Selections
The Refreshment Table over the years
Shooting Your Age
Postman's Walks
The AV Number One Competition Wreath
Racewalking controversies 1948 onwards
The early days - the formation of AV and the first clubs
Australian National Event Coach Walking

Australian 20 km Men -record review
Australian 50 km Men - record review
Australian 50 Mile - record review
Australian 1500m Track Walk record review
1 Mile Women World Record Progression
Australia and the Women's 50km.pdf
Longevity and the IAAF Race Walking World Team Championships.pdf

1908 Olympic Walks
1952 Olympic Walks
1956 Australian Olympic 20 km trial
1956 Australian 50 km title and Olympic trial
1960 Olympic 20 km
1968 and 1972 Olympic 50km races
1968 Olympic Walks by Bob Gardiner
1968 Olympic Walks by Frank Clark
1976 Olympic 20 km

1956 Olympics - Official LOC Report
1980 Olympics - Official IOC Report
2016 Olympics - Official IAAF Statistics Handbook

Ever wonder why there was no dedicated history of Olympic racewalking. So did I so in 2003, I put something together for my own edification. It's about 6Mb but you are free to download it. It goes up until the 2000 Olympics and is due for an update some day when I get the time. Right click and choose to save to your hard drive and view it offline.

Tim - Olympic Racewalking History

I then decided to do the same for the Commonwealth Games. This document goes up to and includes the 2006 Commonwealth Games walks in Melbourne.

Commonwealth Games Walks History

I maintain a history of Australian ultra distance walking in my capacity as secretary of the Australian Centurions. While not in a publishable format, it is always being updated and is stored here for anyone who wants a riviting read!


These articles, by other people, are worthy of a home so I have also added them to the archive

Why are Australian Race Walkers Amongst the Best in the World - by Bob Cruise with comments by others
USA T&F WALKING handbook2000
Cliff Young - a bio by Phil Essam

Tom Payne - 30 years of Walking
Tom Payne - the world-famous musician-athlete